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About Us At Gardener's Eye, we can suggest new plant combinations to give your garden a fresh look or simply make what’s already there a little healthier. We can try to match your lifestyle to your landscape (whether it’s very low maintenance or entertainment friendly) or solve that “what grows in the shade?” question. Maybe all you need is a little advice so you can tackle things yourself? We can offer a consultation that will give you the tips you need to get started. Our experienced team of garden enthusiasts will help you to LOVE YOUR GARDEN!

Leslie Moller is a passionate gardener, honed her skills at a local nursery. After years of creating custom flower pots and discussing “what plant where” with shoppers, she realized that there was a void in the marketplace for the old fashioned gardener. Not as intimidating as an entire landscape makeover, there was room for garden improvements on a smaller, more personal scale. A Gardener’s Eye was created to make gardens and gardening a more enjoyable experience.

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